Opportunities for Potentially High-Yield Investment

As an investor, we know you have countless options when it comes to investing your money. However, private money lending often outperforms most traditional forms of investing. You are the direct lender. It's like being the bank and earning a direct return on your money without the bank as the "middle-man." Without the bank in the middle, your return on investment is higher. The banks build fancy buildings, pay high executive salaries and bonuses. Take control of the earning power of your money and lend it to other Californians, secured by California real estate.

Who Qualifies to be a Private Money Investor?

  • Current real estate investors who want to expand their portfolios.
  • Individuals who have a cash surplus.
  • Individuals looking for passive income investments.
  • Individuals who would like to invest in the local economy.

Here at NorCal Private Money Lending, we offer investors the opportunity to join a well-established company that has already had success in private money lending. We work directly with borrowers who are looking for investors to fund their projects. This provides you with the straight-forward opportunity of choosing projects you believe in.

To learn more about investing with NorCal and becoming a private money lender, contact us today.

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