How Our Lending Services Will Help You

Smooth real estate transactions are possible, even if you’ve experienced financial hardship or you just don't fit in the banks "box". The good news is, here at NorCal Private Money Lending, our focus is on the underlying value of the real estate. Whether you’re coming to us because you need a loan for non-owner occupied residential, commercial property, or a bridge loan, our team offers more than 40 years of experience in the industry. We understand the pressure of securing a real estate loan and the stress that can come with being denied by a traditional lending institution. Our passion is working hard to ensure our clients can procure the fast and reliable funds needed to move forward with their real estate endeavors.

Types Of Property

Commercial - Non-Owner Occupied Residential - Apartments

Types Of Loans

Bridge Loans - Debt Consolidation - Rehab - Work-out

The Benefits of Private Money Loans

  • Swift approval - When you work with a traditional bank to fund a loan, you will be waiting weeks for the loan to be processed. With private loans, your wait time is reduced to days not weeks. Our team understands the pace at which the real estate market moves and the importance of acting fast.
  • Less paperwork - Traditional banks require signature after signature. This slows down the process of obtaining a loan and allows for information to get lost in translation. We have a streamlined process to ensure loans close quickly and are hassle-free.
  • Flexible terms - Private loans offer flexibility that you won’t find with traditional loans. We work with clients to determine the best option for their specific needs.
  • No hidden terms - Our team of private lenders lay out the terms and fees associated with your loan so there is no question as to how your loan will work and the payments it will require.
  • Local funding - Private loans are funded by California investors who believe in putting money back into their regional economy. Our investors know the value that their money is adding to the community and to the success of the borrower.

Loans We Specialize In

Commercial - We offer commercial loans that will meet the funding requirements of your specific project.

Residential Non-Owner Occupied and Rehab - Our investment property loans provide you with the funds to ensure your project will be funded.

Company Restructure - Let our professional team help you secure a restructured loan that meets the terms you’re looking for.

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